Since the very begining of human race, a man has tended to discover unknown. First, he wanted to cross a river, to see what is on the other side of a river, a lake or a sea. He realised that if he put together several trunks or bundles of reed he would get a vessel which he can use to cross water. In that way, a man made the simplest vessel and for sure the oldest vehicle.
Rafting boats of taday are modern vessels, and the main difference from the old vessels is that they are much lighter and they have shalow draught what makes them much more movable.


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Life-rafts are primarily designed as boats for lifeguards, and later, army start to use it for navigation up and downstream rivers and for landing on the shore from ships. After World War II, rafter start to use those military boats for lowering down rivers recreationally. Till 1960, it becomes very popular rafting down the Great Canyon on the river Colorado in Arizona, USA. After that, there are an expansion of this sports, strong competition and materials for new boats.
During 80’s, boats with hollow bottom for self-empting are invented, and they become more movable and easy-steering. Today, rafting is the most popular kind of active rest.